Lazzell Case Updates 


August 1, 2023

Lazzell Pleads Guilty & Sentenced to 12 years in prison

The plea/sentencing hearing was held on August 1st and Robert Lazzell plead guilty to 1 count of Criminal Sexual Assault (Class 1 felony) for which he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.  The hearing included four victim impact statements from Michael, his mother, his grandmother, and friend Kate Gibson.  The judge allowed Lazzell to make a statement on his own behalf, and in front of a packed courtroom full of his former students and church members, he gave what appeared to be an attempt at a Bible class lecture.  Lazzell was taken into custody by the Vermilion County Sheriff's Deptuties at the conclusion of the hearing to be held at the Danville Public Safety Building while awaiting transport to IDOC.

June 23, 2023

Michael's Meeting w/ State's Attorney

The court date for Monday 6/26 has been cancelled. There is now a PLEA Date scheduled for August 1, 2023, at 9am in Courtroom 3B. Please try to find a way to get there for this hearing. We are expecting victim impact statements and it will likely be the day we find out the sentencing as well. If you haven't had a chance to support Michael and his family in court yet and wanted to -- this is your big chance. We will be setting up a facebook event to coordinate information. Please consider coming and wearing blue so we can show the court and First Baptist that Michael is not alone in this. 

Next Court date is currently set for August 1 @ 9am.

May 31, 2023

Michael's Meeting w/ State's Attorney

Michael and his family have met w/ the Prosecution.  He says that the meeting went well and they are in negotiations with the Defense re: a plea deal.

Next Court date is currently set for June 26 @ 2:15pm.

May 8, 2023

Plea Possible in Lazzell Case

Lazzell showed for his PreTrial this time, but his lawyer was unable to make it, so he had another attorney standing in.  That attorney informed the Court that there is a potential Plea Deal in the works, but nothing has been finalized.  Lazzell and the attorney speaking for him both left immediately after the hearing.

Next hearing is set for a PreTrial on June 26th @ 2:15pm in Courtroom 3B.

April 17, 2023

Lazzell's Pretrial Moved Up

The court date initially scheduled for May 22nd at 2:15pm has been moved up by an agreed order to May 8th at 2:15pm in Courtroom 3B.

April 11, 2023


Lazzell & Counsel Fail to Appear in Court

Lazzell and his attorney both failed to appear for court at his scheduled Pre-Trial date.  Judge Girton ordered a new court date of May 22nd @ 2:15pm and announced a Rule to Show Cause would be ordered if they do not appear for their next court date.