Related Criminal Cases

While one case by itself is a tragedy, the fact is that First Baptist has employed a string of prominent staff members who later turned out to be sexual predators.  Lazzell's case is only the latest in a line of cases that have revealed patterns of abuse stretching back decades at this point.  While Lazzell's charges are the first to stem from abuse at First Baptist, the others shown below were convicted of serious enough charges that it seems highly unlikely they began offending after their tenure there.  Both previous offenders were on staff at subsequent organizations when their abuse was exposed and reported to the police. 
In addition, even once their convictions were matters of public record, First Baptist made no effort, publicly or within its alumni networks, to ensure that additional victims had a safe, welcoming invitation to come forward and receive help.  First Baptist made no statement on the matter at all.  This coalition exists to bring these matters to light so that changes can be made, patterns can be broken, and future generations of students can learn in a safer environment.  We stand with the victims/survivors of these men, and any others whose abuse has not yet come to light.  Perhaps, by working together, we can prevent First Baptist students from becoming such easy targets for this kind of abuse in the future.

David Cornelius


Roger VanRaden


Robert Lazzell